Na Wieszaku

ul. Szulborska 3/5Wola, Warszawa
Phone: 507 560 763


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Na Wieszaku – handmade pasta in Wola

Joanna Mróz 6 April 2017

At the end of February Na Wieszaku was opened in Wola. The place specializes in Italian cuisine, with a special focus on handmade pasta. The menu includes, among others, handmade tagliatelle bolognese, tagliatelle carbonara with spinach and gorgonzola, black tagliatelle with with shrimps or scallops. The menu features also appetizers (grilled chicken with rucola, porcini and parmesan), main courses (grilled peppers stuffed with meat with bechamel sauce) and desserts.

Zdjęcia: Na Wieszaku Fanpage

Pictures: Na Wieszaku Fanpage

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