Pomadki Luksusowe – hand cut, taste like Polish krówki

Joanna Mróz 11 May 2017

Pomadki Luksusowe have recently made their debut in selected locations and online sales. Elegant packages made by the bookbinder are filled with handmade sugars (pomadki). They taste like milky sugars called krówki. They are prepared for real sour cream and good quality butter. Various flavors are offered, among others classic milky with vanilla, chocolate with oreo, chocolate with cocoa beans, cardamom coffee, spicy with gingerbreads, salted caramel, chili milk or orange with anise. They can be purchased through the online store and in selected locations (cafes, shops and delicatessen).

Pomadki Luksusowe

Source: Pomadki Luksusowa Fanpage


Telephone: 783 589 859

Website: www.pomadkiluksusowe.pl Facebook

Average prices: box of 8 items costs 15PLN


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