ul. Lilpopa 18around Warsaw, Podkowa Leśna
Phone: 690 955 105


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Suliko – Georgia in Podkowa Lesna

Joanna Mróz 11 June 2017

Suliko is a new Georgian restaurant opened late May in Podkowa Leśna. It is located in the interiors of the historic Kasyno Palace in the city park. Georgian cooks cook here and the cuisine is based on traditional recipes and uses spices imported directly from Georgia. Suliko menu features, among others, Tolma – stuffed cabbage or grapes leaves with garlic, tomato and yogurt sauce; Georgian pork kebab; Chinkali – dumplings with meat, broth, coriander and Georgian spices; Bean soup Lobio; Bulgaruli cicaka with walnut paste, coriander and Georgian spices; Soko – mushrooms baked with cheese; Kupdari and Chaczapuri, as well as badriidzani – aubergine roll with peanut paste, Georgian spices, coriander and garlic.

Picture: Suliko Fanpage