Munchies Lublin

ul. Zielona 5a Lublin
Phone: 507 665 014

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Munchies Lublin – from Wynurzenie barge to garden parcel in Lublin

Joanna Mróz 12 July 2017

Remember last year’s Munchies at Wynurzenie barge? At the end of June they relaunched under the same name, but in another city – on garden parcel in the old part of Lublin. They arranged seats for about 30 people and a catering container where they prepare food. Munchies’ kitchen is still slow food served as fast food, meaning it’s slow-cooked food, based on high quality products, but served quickly and at good prices. You can eat here among others: pulled pork in a bun; black sausage pudding with 63˚C yolk; KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) with French fries, salad and salsa; Poutins (Belgian fries) with beef cheek. The plans feature alcohol – craft beer, prosecco and wine.

Picture: Munchies Lublin Fanpage

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