Bulwar Wegański

Bulwar im. gen. Pattona - paw. nr 7City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 507 006 851


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Bulwar Wegański – new vegan bar on the Vistula bank

Foodie R 26 August 2017

Bulwar Wegański  is a new bar with food made from vegetables opened recently in the pavilion on the Vistula bank.  This is runners and active people friendly place. The bar is run by Run Vegan organisation promoting running and the idea of veganism. The menu features vegan dishes created on the basis of recipes from their book  – Kuchnia dla biegaczy. Siła z roślin. We can order here vegetable snacks such as porridge, red bean paste with walnuts, sandwiches with grilled vegetables and hummus. There is also a selection of vegan sopus such as oyster mushroom soup, chilli con tofu, green lentil cream or lecho. We can also eat here vegan cakes and ice cream. The menu also includes soft drinks, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine) and coffee.