Albo Albo

Oboźna 9City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 517 161 727


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Albo Albo in Oboźna street – sushi & steak

Zbigniew Glinka 29 August 2017

Albo Albo restaurant opened by the end of July on the ground floor of the apartment building in Oboźna Street, next to the Teatr Polski building. Earlier this premises have been housing for many years the Akademia Smaków, and for the last few months – the French restaurant Bouillon. In the logo of the new restaurant we see chopsticks crossed with a fork, which is consistent with the dishes that you can order here – from sushi, through Asian dumplings and tom kha soup and ending with beef steaks. Sushi here include nigiri, futomaki, hosomaki, sashimi, uramaki and various sets. You can also eat dim sum, gyoza and samosa dumplings. Main courses include BBQ pork ribs, shrimps caramelized in palm sugar and beef steaks: ribeye, roast beef and tenderloin.