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Pizzatopia – artisan pizza

Marta Glinka 27 October 2017

Pizzatopia, artisan pizzeria opened at the end of July in Kraków. They serve pizza made from light dough prepared from selected Italian flours and small amount of dry yeast and aged for 48 hours. You can choose between classic and whole grain dough. You can compose your own pizza by choosing  favorite ingredients. Every pizza, no matter of which ingredients and how many it has, has the same price of 24 zł. There are 4 sauces, 7 different cheeses (including vegan), 6 meat and 15 vegetable extras. You can also choose your own topping from 6 sauces, 6 olive oils, fresh spinach and rucola. Despite the personalisation pizza is ready in just 3 minutes. You can eat it on the spot or take away. The menu also includes salads, artisan beer and sodas.

source of pictures: Pizzatopia Facebook



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