Ellada Souvlaki Bar

ul. Skarbka z Gór 116 Białołęka, Warszawa
Phone: 22 299 04 44


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Ellada Souvlaki Bar – new Greek place in Białołęka

Marta Glinka 28 December 2017

Ellada Souvlaki Bar, a new Greek restaurant, opened in Białołęka in Skarbka z Gór Street at the beginning of December. The menu features traditional Greek appetizers such as grilled halloumi with tomato, tzatziki, horiatiki salad, hot graviera cheese and baked calamari in beer batter. An important part of the menu are souvlaki served either in pita with tomato, sauce, French fries and lettuce, or as a main dish on a plate with various extras. We can choose between chicken, pork and vegetarian souvlaki here. Among the main dishes you can also find chicken and pork gyros, seafood mix, as well as skepasti (chicken or pork meat with cheese, sauce, vegetables and fries put between two roasted pitas (resembling a Mexican quesadilla).

photo source: Ellada Souvlaki Bar Facebook, author: Marcin Łukawski

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