Sukh Restauracja Indyjska

ul. Ciołka 35 lok. 47Wola, Warszawa
Phone: 502 896 773


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Sukh – new Indian restaurant in Wola

Joanna Mróz 19 December 2017

Wola district of Warsaw has a new Indian restaurant. Sukh Indian Restaurant was opened at Ciołka St., near the Kolo Bazar at the end of November. The place offers dishes from the menu and daily lunch dishes (PLN 18), it also provides take-away, within a radius of 3km for free. The Sukh menu includes soups (Indian mutton soup, spicy-sour soup with chicken or veg), salads (vegetable salad inspired by the Indian spice garden), vegetarian, fish and meat appetizers (samosa, chicken tikka), as well as a long list of main courses – vegetarian, meat, fish and seafood and rice dishes (basmati rice with curcuma and lemon, lamb from tandoor oven, shrimp in coconut curry sauce).

Picture: Sukh Fanpage

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