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Azjatka – new shop with Asian products

Foodie F 24 January 2018

Linh Nguyen – the owner of Vietnamka, Koreanka, To To Pho and Shabu Shabu – has recently opened Azjatka – a shop with Asian products at Marszałkowska St. You can buy here all kinds of miracles that fly in specifically for the needs of the Linh’s restaurants and the store from Korea, Vietnam, China and Thailand. The offer includes pasta, rice, spices and sauces, but also fresh herbs and fruits (various sprouts, su-su fruits, lemon grass, chrysanthemum leaves, okra, garlic shoots, Vietnamese celery), homemade kimchi (also in the vegan version) and homemade tofu. There are also instant Korean ramens, frozen seafood, and even ceramics known among others from Vietnamka. The shop is also open on Saturdays and Sundays.