Coś na ZĄBkowskiej

ul. Ząbkowska 9Praga Północ, Warszawa
Phone: 22 618 15 79


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Coś na ZĄBkowskiej – changes at Ząbkowska St.

Joanna Mróz 5 February 2018

Changes at Ząbkowska St! Pausa Włoska was relocated to number 5 of Ząbkowska St., meanwhile, on December 9 a new place called Coś na ZĄBkowskiej started at the address of Ząbkowska 9. It is home-made, mostly Polish cuisine, based on their own bread, home-made tarts, pastries and fit dishes. During the day you can eat here lunch for 20zł (lunch set includes a soup and main course), eg. pumpkin cream and a brisket with potatoes and a mix of lettuces, or chicken broth and beef tongues in horseradish sauce. The menu includes tarts (including vegetable and with baked salmon), bagels (including bagel with beef tongues), creamy soups (including pumpkin cream), main courses (including spicy chickpeas stew or cod baked with vegetables from the oven), something sweet (including carrot cake). The entire menu can be found here (in Polish). In the evening, the bar serves cocktails and beer.

Picture: Coś na ZĄBkowskiej Fanpage

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