ul. Leszczyńska 4Powiśle, Warszawa
Phone: 694 975 445


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Ikat – new Uzbek restaurant in Powisle

Joanna Mróz 11 March 2018

Ikat is a traditional technique of creating colorful fabrics, used among others in Uzbekistan. Ikat is also a new Uzbek restaurant in Powiśle. It was opened only a few days ago at 4 Leszczyńska St., where once O obrotach ciał niebieskich and Kuchnia Sąsiedzka used to be loacted. At Ikat you will eat authentic Uzbek cuisine. The menu is divided into salads (including shakarop – Uzbek classic salad of tomatoes and onions), soups (including shorva – traditional uzbek soup with lamb and spices), main courses (including plov – the most popular dish of Uzbek cuisine , rice served with mutton and vegetables), flour dishes (including manta – traditional Uzbek steamed dumplings with meat), and desserts (including chak-chak – Middle Eastern honey dessert).

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