Zdrowa Krowa – steaks and burgers in Wola

Foodie F 8 May 2018

Zdrowa Krowa was opened on Saturday in Wola. This is the first Warsaw location of the chain of premises dedicated to beef, and more specifically to steaks and burgers. The menu here includes 18 kinds of beef burgers, among others Rhodes, Soprano, Mexico, or Triple Cheese. There are also chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers, fish burgers as well as paleo burgers and steaks (roast beef, beef entrecote and beef sirloin). In addition, the offer also includes salads (Caesar, Halloumi), sides (nachos, onion rings, corn), as well as kids’ menu (Kinder Burger, or a set of Nugets). The offer of Zdrowa Krowa is also available in delivery.

Picture: Zdrowa Krowa Fanpage