Bistro Po Sąsiedzku

ul. Baleya 3Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 789 055 466

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Bistro Po Sąsiedzku – new in Rakowiec

Foodie F 26 September 2018

A new neighborly place was opened in August in Rakowiec. It’s called Bistro Po Sąsiedzku. As for neighborly place, the decor is friendly, gives the impression of living room with a sideboard and a bookcase. Similarly, the cuisine served here has homely character. The menu changes daily, you can eat, among others soups (pea soup, tomato cream, sauerkraut soup or ‘krupnik’), main dishes (pork chop with potatoes and cucumber salad, pork loin roasted in chanterelle sauce, eggplant and chickpeas stew, cod cutlet with potatoes and sauerkraut salad). To assist this home-made cuisine, you can drink here a compote. Lunch can be eaten on site or taken away.

Picture: Bistro Po Sąsiedzku Fanpage