‘Ziemniak’ (‘Potato’) – the first book by Joanna Jakubiuk

Joanna Mróz 25 September 2018

The first book of the well-known and popular chef Joanna Jakubiuk ‘Ziemniak’ (‘Potato’) will have its premiere on Saturday at 5pm during the event PLONY and Vegan Autumn organized by Mysia 3 and USTA magazine. The author of the book (edited by Edipresse) comes from Podlasie, where the potato reigns on the tables. In the book you will find the history of potato, descriptions of its varieties, interesting pairings, as well as over 60 sweet and savory recipes – including potato dumplings, pancakes, bread, salads, cakes, pates and desserts. On Saturday the official premiere will take place, meanwhile “Ziemniak” can be bought, for example, in the online store Gandalf.

Picture: Editors assets

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