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Na Bałkany: new dishes for sharing and vege

Foodie R 25 January 2019

Na Bałkany has just introduced a new menu with dishes inspired by Balkan cuisine, but with modern twist. The chef Adrian Szulczyk together with the restaurant’s owners has developed new proposals , and the changes are answers to culinary trends and guests’ queries. The new menu features dishes for sharing such as breaded courgette slices, kajmak (salty cheese) in three ways or the Balkan Feast – full of meats and Balkan products. In addition to traditional Balkan delicacies such as pljeskavica and cievapcici, Na Bałkany have recently introduced  less popular dishes such as Balkan style veal tripe, chicken in figs, black pasta with lamb and mushrooms or beef steak with Jerusalem artichoke. There is also a new offer for vegans, vegetarians and people looking for gluten-free products. The Balkan trio, Portobello Burger or Portobello Adriatico (with portobello mushrooms, hummus and caramelized carrots) are new dishes that complemented the rich vege offer of the restaurant, corresponding to the growing interest in plant cuisine.

Na Bałkany restaurant has been operating since May last year at Koszykowa street. This is Balkan cuisine in a modern version with dishes inspired by the flavors of Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Greece and Romania. The owners of the restaurant are Rafał Grabowski, who has been running two places in Ursynów, Mały Belgrad and Balkański Kocioł, and Viola Stanisławska, who has gained her gastronomic experience in Australia and Japan.

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The partner of the article is “Na Bałkany” restaurant. Photo source: restaurant’s materials.