Kulinarny Żoliborz Bar Mleczny

Bar Mleczny Kulinarny Żoliborz

ul. Kaliny Jędrusik 7Żoliborz, Warszawa

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Bar Mleczny Kulinarny Żoliborz at Żoliborz Artystyczny

Marta Glinka 19 February 2019

The new milk bar Kulinarny Żoliborz has recently opened at the Żoliborz Artystyczny at Kaliny Jędrusik street. The menu features Polish dishes – soups (cucumber, cabbage soup), meat dishes (including pork chop and meatballs), dumplings with cheese and cheese and strawberries. , leniwe, pancakes with jam and nutella and banana, potato pancakes with sugar and salmon. In addition to the regular menu, the bar serves a different lunch every day for 20 PLN for two dishes.

Kulinarny Żoliborz Bar Mleczny

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