Caffe Miasto

Caffe Miasto

Al. Solidarności 84Wola, Warszawa
Phone: 663 140 306


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Caffe Miasto – new plant restaurant at Al. Solidarności

Foodie R 26 February 2019
Caffe Miasto is a new place specialised in vegan, plan food recently opened at Aleja Solidarności. It’s a sister place of the popular vegetarian Vege Miasto restaurant located at the same street. In Caffe Miasto we will eat 100% vegan dishes. We can order here pasta (wheat wholemeal, rice, buckwheat and raw from zucchini and carrots) with various sauces, dumplings (eg with lentils and vegetables, spinach and tofu, Russian, with cabbage and mushrooms) soups, snacks and salads. The menu also features among others stuffed portobello mushrooms with spinach, tomatoes and herbs, vegetable casserole, potato pancakes, roasted sweet potato with nut sauce or vegetable meatballs. We can order here also vegan wines and craft alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers. During the week a lunch is available for PLN 25 for two dishes. Caffe Miasto also has a special offer for children.
Caffe Miasto