Pinsa Wilanów

Pinsa Wilanów

ul. Klimczaka 1Wilanów, Warszawa
Phone: 791 027 070


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Pinsa – second restaurant with pinsa opened in Royal Wilanów

Foodie R 13 February 2019

The second restaurant serving pinsa in Warsaw – Pinsa Wilanów opened on Sunday in Royal Wilanów, at Klimczaka Street.  It is the second place of the same owners, the first Pinsa has been operating for over two years at Francuska Street in Saska Kępa. Pinsa is an Italian dish, smaller than a typical pizza, has fewer calories and is easily digestible. Dough is made on bread sourdough, based on a mix of rice, wheat and soy flour, it has less oil and more water. In the menu of the new place you will find 12 kinds of pinsas with various extras (eg with spicy tomato sauce with garlic, chilli and prawns, with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, spinach, prosciutto crudo ham, with grilled vegetables or pepperoni).

Pinsa Wilanów

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