Rest Baczewskich

Rest. Baczewskich

Al. Szucha 17/19Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 888 522 668


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Rest. Baczewskich – Polish and Lviv dishes in Szucha Palace

Marta Glinka 5 February 2019

Rest. Baczewskich opened a few days ago in the Szucha Palace. It is a branch of the popular Baczewskich Restaurant operating in Lviv, belonging to the gastronomic group Kumpel Group. The new restaurant specializes in Polish and Lviv cuisine, and the chef of the restaurant is Artur Cichomski. The menu is divided into appetizers (herring, tartare or stuffed carp), soups (crayfish, tripe, blood soup) main dishes (including beef, goose leg, banosz or lamb shank) and desserts (drunk ice cream, meringue). For now, we can have lunch or dinner here, but in the future the restaurant also plans to serve breakfasts.Rest Baczewskich