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Octopus, mussels and calamari in spring menu of Na Bałkany restaurant

Marta Glinka 29 March 2019

Na Bałkany restaurant introduced a new spring menu inspired by long Balkan food feasts by the sea. A new menu full of seafood leads us to the sunny shores of southern Europe and resembles a holiday in the Balkans. We will eat here octopus in butter, Dalmatian squids stuffed with smoked cheese and roasted paprika, mussels in a butter wine sauce or a salad with breaded squid. If we want to taste many different seafood during one visit, we can order the Balkan seafood feast, which is ideal for sharing. it contains octopus, mussels, shrimps, squid, stuffed baby calamari in wine-butter sauce, as well as mussels, calamari and shrimp in crispy batter served with three different sauces.

The menu also includes other dishes to share with friends – Balkan grill for two with different meats (including pljeskavica, cevap, lamb sausage, bacon), as well as Balkan mezze – set of snacks. The new menu of the Na Bałkany restaurant features also new vegetarian dishes such as a schnitzel in panko with yogurt sauce and pomegranate, paprika-tomato cream or black linguini with young spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mint pesto and Martini sauce. Dishes from the new menu perfectly pair with Balkan wines and rakija. The restaurant Na Bałkany has recently opened first Rakija Bar in Poland, where we will drink various types of this rakija served in shots and cocktails.

The partner of the article is Na Bałkany restaurant. Photo source: restaurant materials.

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