Na Bałkany

ul. Koszykowa 47Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 118 38 38


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The first Rakija Bar at Koszykowa

Foodie R 1 March 2019

The first Rakija Bar in Poland was opened recently at Koszykowa within the Na Bałkany restaurant. Rakija is a high percentage (between 40 and 70%) alcoholic beverage from the Balkan Peninsula, a national drink of South Slavic countries. There are many different types of rakija. It is usually made from plum or grape distillates, often with the addition of herbs, roots, honey and nuts, but there are also varieties of other fruits distillates such as peaches, apricots, apples, figs and quinces. In Rakija Bar there are different types of rakija served in shots and cocktails. We will drink here, among others plum, pear and grape rakija made with use of Balkan herbs or honey. Rakija is said to be the heart and soul of the Balkans, a very sociable drink. It can be served with a meal, but also be the main hero of meetings with friends. Just like in the Balkans, in Rakija Bar this liquor is drunk from special small glasses of characteristic shape, called čokanjče. In the drink menu you will different cocktails such as: Kumbra (rakija, prosecco, lemon juice and sugar syrup), Balkan Spritz (brandy Pelinkovac Orange and sparkling wine), Rakija Iced Tea (iced homemade tea and pear rakija) or Tito Negroni (rakija, red sweet wermuth, campari aged 4 weeks in an oak barrel). We can also try here several types of Balkan brandy and liqueurs based on rakija.

The partner of the article is Rakija Bar. Source of photos: Rakija Bar.