Concept Wschodni

Concept Wschodni

ul. Krucza 41/43Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 733 571 820


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Concept Wschodni – modern Eastern Cuisine at Krucza

Marta Glinka 30 April 2019
Concept Wschodni,  a bistro specialized in modern Eastern cuisine opened last weekend at Krucza Street. This place serves popular dishes from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus prepared in a modern way. The owner of the concept is Andrey Kachur from southwestern Ukraine, the creator and chef of the bistro “Lviv” in Wroclaw serving dishes based on his family recipes. The head chef of the new venue is Oleksandr Lysyk, the creator of seven restaurant concepts in the west of Ukraine. In the short menu of Concept Wschodni you will find among others blinis with caviar, potato pancakes without flour (with goulash or spinach, fried egg and parmesan), salo or Ukrainian borsch. We can also eat here dumplings with various fillings, eg smoked mackerel, rabbit, Russian, meat dumplings; herring tatar or pork goulash with mashed potatoes.
A partner of the text is the Concept Wschodni restaurant. Source of photos: Concept Wschodni Bistro


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