Miau Grau

ul. Kolejowa 49aWola, Warszawa
Phone: 571 247 227


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Miau Grau – new cat friendly cafe in Wola

Marta Glinka 11 April 2019

Miau Grau, a new cat friendly cafe opened in February at Kolejowa Street. in Wola. From 7:30 in the morning and 9 at weekends, you can drop by for breakfast (including English breakfast and sandwiches with egg-paste, salmon and cottage cheese or beef pastrami). We can also eat here cakes (including meringues, tarts, Kinder Bueno cake), quiches or bagels. For bigger hunger there is a tortilla with chicken garam masala; with zucchini, bulgur and tomato groats, or Mexican with turkey, corn, beans and chilli. We can also play board games and play with cats.