Dar Mounia

ul. Hoża 58/60Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 622 66 65


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Dar Mounia – a new Maroccan restaurant in Warsaw

Marta Glinka 6 June 2019

Dar Mounia, a new Maroccan restaurant opened in May at Hoża. The restaurant is run by Moroccan, Chef Mounia and her husband Maurizio from Italy. We will eat here authentic Moroccan dishes based on traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Mouni’s house, as the name of the restaurant explains, is a combination of flavors of Berber, Andalusian and Arabic cuisine. In the menu created by Marrakech-origin Mounia, we can find Moroccan salads ideal for sharing, briouates -croquettes from filo pastry with various fillings or soups such as harira hamda and berber. For the main course we can order Dari couscous with organic chicken or vegetarian, tagine with veal or chicken and pastilla – filo pastry with various fillings (chicken, vegetables, fish). During the lunch week, the restaurant serves a 3-course lunch menu for PLN 39. In the evenings, we can choose dishes ala carte or  a 5-course tasting menu (dishes are suggested by the chef) for PLN 140 per person.

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