Lukullus w St. Tropez

ul. Rozbrat 22/24Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 726 26 26 09

kawiarnia, lodziarnia

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Lukullus w St. Tropez

Joanna Mróz 10 June 2019

Lukullus, very well known in Warsaw, has recently opened its first ice cream parlor Lukullus w St. Tropez at Rozbrat St., very close to the restaurant Rozbrat 20. From the very first day, queues have lined up at their door and are still not smaller till today. The place is inspired by the sun of St. Tropez and the 80s and 90s. Aleksandra Wasilkowska is responsible for the interior design, Magdalena Łapińska-Rozenbaum took care of the corporate identity and the logo. The menu of the ice cream shop includes natural craft ice cream of different flavors – including Palermo (orange sorbet with saffron), Strawberries in Milanówek (strawberry sorbet), Cassis (ice cream with vanilla from Madagascar and blackcurrant coulis), Armani (dark chocolate sorbet), Jasminum grandimango (jasmine ice cream with mango) or Limoncello (sorbet of lemons and yuzu). The entire menu can be found in our photo gallery. In addition to ice cream, you can drink coffee here (classical and summer), have tea or cold drinks. There are also selected Lukullus desserts available, well known so far from their pastry shops.