Wschodnia Strona Wisły

Wschodnia Strona Wisły

ul. Burdzińskiego 5 Praga Północ, Warszawa


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Wschodnia Strona Wisły – new restaurant in Praga district

Marta Glinka 12 June 2019

A new restaurant – Wschodnia Strona Wisły has recently opened in Praga Północ at Burdzińskiego Street in the venue of closed cafe Wyspa. To find it, which is not easy, we must go through the gate at the building at 5 Burdzińskiego Street and look for the repainted wall of the pavilion with gray metal doors and the logo of the restaurant. The menu includes, among others, burger with vegetables, beef, chicken or pork neck, vegan goulash with buckwheat, pork chops with young cabbage and potatoes, Russian dumplings. We will also eat here a flatbread with pulled pork or grilled halloumi, pancakes with spinach and bryndza cheese or salads: with serrano ham and pineapple, with grilled chicken or with a poche egg. In the morning, the restaurant offers breakfast for PLN 15 for a set with a tea or coffee. From Monday to Friday, between 12:00 and 16:00, the restaurant serves two-course lunches for PLN 19.

Wschodnia Strona Wisły

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