Discover tasting menu at attractive prices

Marta Glinka 2 July 2019

The tasting menu is a good way to discover new restaurants and new flavors. By using Fine Diners service, we are now able to order multi-course tasting menus in selected restaurants at a price of PLN 129 or PLN 169 prepared especially for its customers. The tasting menu is also available in places where there is no such offer on a daily basis.

Before we decide on a specific restaurant and tasting menu including from five to even eight dishes, we can see pictures and  read descriptions of all dishes. The tasting menu offered by Fine Diners is not a temporary offer, it is available to guests throughout the year. Only individual dishes are subject to change, adapting to the season and seasonality of products.

Fine Diners is also a place where we can buy vouchers for restaurants, which we can give as a gift for different occasions sucj as wedding, anniversary or birthday. We can print such a voucher ourselves or order it in the form of an elegant paper invitation.

In Warsaw, the Fine Diners offer is available among others to following restaurants: Casa Pablo, Signature, La Rotisserie, Brasserie Moderne, Winosfera, Why Thai, Focaccia, San Lorenzo, Merlini.

The Fine Diners service is also present in Krakow, Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław.

You can find more information on the Fine Diners website.

The partner of the article is the Fine Diners service. Photo source: Fine Diners.