Food Delivery Cloud – new service for restaurants

Marta Glinka 2 September 2019

Food Delivery Cloud is a new service for restaurants enabling delivery of meals to customers without investing in their own logistics and technological facilities. Instead of employing own couriers, handling and executing orders, dealing with settlements, restaurants can use an external partner who will take over all these responsibilities.

Food Delivery Cloud is part of – which has its own fleet of new, low-emission cars, equipped with special advertising display screens enabling show of spots and photos of restaurants. It has also a team of trained couriers which enables quick delivery – the average delivery time is 20 minutes. The new solution allows restaurant to monitor couriers in real time, sends notifications to customers about the status of the order, delivery time and the current location of the order. It also allows restaurateurs to view order history.

Food Delivery Cloud already cooperates with 85 restaurants, performs over 250 deliveries a day, employs 30 people and has a fleet of 20 cars.

If you want to learn more and test the service, contact at: 509-149-980

The partner of the article is the owner of the Food Delivery Cloud platform. Source of photos: materials