Garkuchnia Wilanów

ul. Oś Królewska 18bWilanów, Warszawa
Phone: 795 008 005


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Garkuchnia Wilanów – new Polish bistro in Wilanów

Marta Glinka 10 September 2019

Garkuchnia Wilanów is a newly opened bistro in Miasteczko Wilanów at Oś Królewska street. From Monday to Friday, we can have breakfast and lunch here, as well as desserts, smoothies and coffee. The restaurant specializes in Polish dishes. The regularly changed menu includes soups such as krupnik, cabbage soup, cucumber soup, tomato soup, potato pancakes, minced chops, pork chop, dumplings with meat, Russian dumplings or with cabbage and mushrooms. We will pay PLN 21 for a two-course dinner set.