Sunset Grill Bar

Sunset Grill & Bar

ul. Krucza 41/43Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 513 871 982


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Sunset Grill & Bar – new Turkish restaurant at Krucza

Marta Glinka 15 January 2020

New Turkish restaurant Sunset Grill & Bar has recently opened at Krucza, in a former venue of such places as Concept Wschodni, Mozaikowa Krucza, Wabu Sushi and Om nom nom sushito. In the restaurant, open from early morning until late evening, we will eat a traditional Turkish breakfast buffet, daily lunches, and we can also smoke shisha. The menu includes among others Turkish snacks, stewed beef with vegetables served with rice or Turkish porridge, grilled lamb ribs, kofte or lamb chops, eggplant paste with lamb meat in tomato sauce.

Sunset Grill Bar

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