Meatologia – Krucza

Krucza 41/43City Center, Warsaw

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Meatologia – opening of a second place

Marta Michalska 10 March 2020

On March 7 at Krucza 41/43 (in the place of closed Chinkali Cafe & Bistro) was opened the second premises of Meatologia – placed created by Andrzej Andrzejczak and Roman Kaszczuk (the first one is located in Wilanów). Meatologia combines a meat shop and a bistro. The bistro menu includes steaks (for example New York, bavette, rib eye; prices start from 29.90 PLN for 250 grams) and sandwiches (hache, beef tongue, beef brisket, sandwich of the day; 29.90 PLN – 49.90 PLN). You can choose additions to dishes, such as French fries, kimchi or classic coleslaw.

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