Niigata Onigiri – Japanese onigiri at Noakowskiego Street

Marta Michalska 29 May 2020

At the end of March, Pani Onigiri who had been operating since 2018 in Wilanów, was closed. The restaurant has gained a new name and new location and has been functioning as Niigata Onigiri on Noakowskiego 8 Street. Onigiri is a kind of Japanese rice sandwiches wrapped in nori. The menu includes several types of onigiri – for example with natto, shiitake, umeboshi, tofu with chilli, walnut with miso, with salmon, tuna, egg or shrimp (each variant costs PLN 11). In addition to onigiri, Syrenka ice cream (PLN 12) is also available. Niigata Onigiri operates as a window with the option of buying only take-out. You can pay by credit card.

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