Ten Warszawiak

TEN Warszawiak

ul. Wioślarska 10Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 732 559 956


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TEN Warszawiak – Polish cuisine by the river

Marta Glinka 16 June 2020

TEN Warszawiak opened at the end of May at Wioślarska Street by the Vistula river. This is a restaurant specializing in Polish cuisine, offering typical fishes of the communist times period, as well as live music. The menu features among others nóżki (meat in jelly), tripe, sour soup, bigos or black pudding with onion. We can also order here schabowy (pork chop), dumplings, duck and pyzy from Różycki. The short drink menu includes cold vodka, compote, orangeade and wine.

Ten Warszawiak

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