Fuego – Bar & Grill by Bracia Collins

Bracka 18 City Center, Warszawa
Phone: 884 888 557


More details:

Fuego by Bracia Collins – new restaurant at the City Center

Marta Michalska 5 July 2020

A new restaurant has opened at Bracka Street 18 – Fuego. Its founders are brothers Grzegorz and Rafał Collins, known from the “Collins brothers’ cool ride” program. The interior of the restaurant refers to the automotive passion of its founders. Fuego’s specialty is chicken in Peri-Peri sauce (in the form of wings, chicken breasts, 1/4 or 1/2 portions of chicken) available in 5 levels of spiciness (27-32 PLN). Each chicken is served in a set with fries and cole slaw. In addition, the menu includes steaks (dry seasoned entrecote, beef tenderloin, pork neck pimenton; 29-68 PLN), Caesar salad and honey-mustard dressing (29-30 PLN), starters (19 PLN), as well as burgers (25-35 PLN), including a burger with 24-carat gold and a double portion of beef (PLN 299). The owners ensure that they do not use frozen products, and their dishes can be described as healthy fast food.

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