Kuncer lody autorskie – Mokotowska

Mokotowska 29City Center, Warsaw

Cake shop, ice cream parlor

More details:

Kuncer – third branch of crafted ice cream

Marta Michalska 24 July 2020

At the end of May, the third branch of the Kuncer ice cream parlor and confectionery opened in Mokotowska. The previous two are located in Żoliborz on Mickiewicza Street and in Bródno on Wyszogrodzka Street. Kuncer’s offer includes proprietary artisanal ice cream, the production of which does not use any artificial ingredients. Ice cream is available on scoops and in the form of ice cream desserts (e.g. fruit, mango, chocolate or cherry with rose). The offer also includes Belgian Liège waffles – yeast wafers with sugar that can be composed with ice cream, whipped cream, jam or various creams. In addition to ice cream, we also eat pancakes (you can order a gluten-free version) and breakfast. Fruit and milk smoothies, coffee and hot chocolate are also available.

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