Tutti Amici pizza

Tutti Amici

ul. Chłodna 48Wola, Warszawa
Phone: 514 320 002

pizzeria, restauracja

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Tutti Amici – Neapolitan pizza at Chłodna

Marta Glinka 17 July 2020

A new restaurant specializing in Neapolitan pizza Tutti Amici opened in Wola, at Chłodna Street. We will eat here several types of Neapolitan pizza (including blanco and rosso) with various extras baked in line with traditional recipe in a special oven at a temperature of over 500 degrees. The menu also includes pastas (such as Spaghetti All ‘Amatriciana, Penne All’ Arrabbiata), for dessert, we can order tiramisu or a popular Sicilian dessert – cannoli (tubes filled with cream). Live Italian music concerts are held in the restaurant at weekends.

Photo source: Tutti Amici


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