Praska Brzeska 23

Praska Brzeska 23

ul. Brzeska 23Praga North, Warsaw
Phone: 532 595 583


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Praska Brzeska 23 – new vegan restaurant in Praga

Marta Glinka 24 September 2020

Praska Brzeska 23 is a new restaurant recently opened at Brzeska Street. The restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine but prepared with use of plants. The menu includes popular Polish dishes in a vegan version, such as: herring made from eggplant, black pudding from buckwheat and red beans or dumplings stuffed with lentils. We can also order here duck from soy, Silesian dumplings with mushroom stew or mushroom cutlets.

Praska Brzeska 23


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