Strudel Bimber

Strudel & Bimber

ul. Foksal 18Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 532 259 023


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Strudel i Bimber – strudels and liquers at Foksal

Marta Glinka 15 September 2020

A restaurant specializing in strudels – Strudel i Bimber – has recently opened at Foksal. The short menu of the restaurant features homemade  strudels – sweet (apple, cherry, cheese and cherry) and salty (with cabbage and mushrooms, cheese and spinach, chicken and mushrooms, or salmon and spinach). Except of strudels, we will eat here soups (chicken broth and mushroom capuccino), and the “Spartak” cake for dessert. Strudel is also a place where you can taste liqueurs – you can choose from gooseberry, raspberry, lemon and cherry, the menu also includes hooch.

Strudel Bimber