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BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO for summer gatherings at Koszykowa 47

Marta Glinka 28 June 2021

The summer began a week ago, school holidays are underway, and the weather looks promising. Finally, after a long break, we can meet with friends in restaurants and restaurant gardens. Chilled Prosecco is perfect for summer gatherings with long awaited meetings with friends and now you can drink it again at Koszykowa 47 restaurant without limits. As part of the recently introduced BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO offer, pay only once –  32 PLN per person and you can enjoy as much bubbles as you want. The offer is valid from Sunday to Wednesday with any à la carte order (not applicable to lunches and side dishes).

To accompany prosecco, you can order summer dishes. At Koszykowa 47 restaurant, you can find special dishes to share, which will be perfect for gatherings with friends. Choose among others a seafood feast (shrimps, calamari, mussels, cod) or a meat feast (burger, cevapcici, chicken, lamb sausage), as well as tapas for vegetarians or meat lovers.

Koszykowa 47 comfort food and bar is a concept based on the trend of comfort food, with dishes that are supposed to improve our mood via referring to our best memories. You can try dishes from various regions and countries that refer to memories from traveling around the world.

The partner of the article is Koszykowa 47 restaurant, photo source: Koszykowa 47

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