Hopito Craft Beer & Pizza

ul. Żurawia 32/34 (wejście od Parkingowej)City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 797 393 282

bar., pizzeria

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Hopito Craft Beer & Pizza – craft beer and Neapolitan pizza at Żurawia

Marta Glinka 4 June 2021

Hopito Craft Beer & Pizza is a new place opened mid May at Żurawia street (entrance from Parkingowa) specializing in craft beer and Neapolitan pizza. We will eat here pizza based on ingredients imported from Italy with original extras such as N’duja, mango or guanciale. All recipes are created by pizzaiolos who have many years of experience gained in Poland and Italy. In addition to pizza, we can order salads here with burrata or prosciutto crudo. Hopito has also a wide selection of craft beers from selected breweries not only from Poland. Guests can choose beer served from 18 different taps, including 6 from the Hopito Brewery. Beer shakes with granita will cool us down on summer days. Hopito supports street art – the walls of the interior and the garden are decorated by artists, illustrators and graffiti artists.

The partner of the article is Hopito Craft Beer & Pizza. Photo source: Hopito press materials

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