November with goose meat at iGrek restaurant

Foodie F 4 November 2015

Greek restaurant iGrek in Saska Kepa will be dominated by goose meat in November. Similar menu was very much successful among guests of the restaurant last year. This is the best time to eat this meat, and although in Greece the most popular poultry is chickens and turkeys, iGrek’s cooks will try to give the goose meat a bit of Greek flavor. The specially prepared for the occasion menu will include Stewed goose meat salad in quince sauce (19zł), Goose breast roasted in acacia honey (19zł), Confi goose leg with mashed pumpkin (33zł), Roasted breast of goose on white vegetables puree (36zł).

 igrek bistro (640x512)

WHERE: iGrek, ul. Zwycięzców 28, Warszawa

WHEN: November 2015

TELEPHONE: 22 114 00 06

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