Chanterelle menu in Cucina Popolare

Foodie R 20 July 2016

Chantarelle are now in season, which usually lasts from June to October. This mushrooms known in Italian cuisine as gallinacci, as every year, play important role in summer menu of Warsaw restaurants. The Italian restaurant Cucina Popolare, which regulary introduces special seasonal menu, currently offers several dishes with chantarelles. Special menu features between others chantarelle tagliatelle, chantarelle risotto, pike-perch with chanterelles and black turnips, beef tenderloin with chantarelles and potatoes gratin and several types of pizza with chantarelles as one of the ingredients.

kurki Cucina Popolare

Where: Cucina Popolare, ul. Piękna 56, Warsaw

When: July- August 2016

Webpage: Facebook



Sponsored article, created in co-operation with Cucina Popolare