Carnival promotion of Ulala Chef & Warsaw Foodie

Zbigniew Glinka 8 February 2017

What is Ulala Chef? Ulala Chef is an Internet platform that enables you to move to your home the experience of degustating the meal prepared by restaurant chef. On that platform you can rent one of the 70 chefs who will prepare selected menu on the day chosen by you. Well, and what if you do not have at home the appropriate tableware or you do not like to wash the dishes … No problem! Chosen chef does shopping, comes with elegant tableware, prepare dinner in your kitchen in front of your guests, serves to the table, talks about his dishes, and finally even cleans the kitchen afterwards! Among the chefs that are available on the Ulala Chef platform you will find Poles and foreigners, participants of TV shows (eg. Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen), those who have perfected their skills in restaurants with Michelin stars, and those who run cooking classes …

Źródło zdjęć: materiały przesłane przez

Źródło zdjęć: materiały przesłane przez Ulala Chef

Get 200 PLN discount for dinner with private chef


Together with Ulala Chef we prepared a carnival promotion for our readers. In short, it means that if in February you register on the Ulala Chef website on the special internet page then you’ll  receive a voucher for the amount of 200 PLN. Coupon can be redeemed until 28 February while ordering dinner, which can be held at any time until the end of 2017! So if you’re thinking about some party to celebrate birthdays, namedays, Valentine’s Day, an important anniversary, baptism, communion or even  … the party without a special occasion to celebrate, you can do it cheaper and spend savings to eg. good wine 🙂 .

And we have a hint for you – it is worth checking how the total price of a dinner will change with the increase of the participants  – you may find that the total cost of dinner for six or even eight people, in some cases is the same as for two so it will be worthwhile to invite more guests to the party…

WEBSITE: Registration page of carnival promotion of Warsaw Foodie and Ulala Chef

VOUCHER: 200 PLN to be used while sending the order until 28th February (dinner date – until the end of 2017).



The article is a result of co-operation with Ulala Chef 

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