ul.Obrzeżna 1Mokotow, Warsaw
Phone: 22 241 32 51


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Schabowy – a new Polish bistro in Mokotów

Marta Glinka 26 October 2017

Schabowy is a new Polish bistro opened a couple of days ago in Mokotów, Obrzeżna Street. The kitchen is in hands of Mateusz Suchecki, who decided to use products from the local farmers such as cheese from Garwolin, Złotnicka pork or Warmińska Mangalica. The menu features classic Polish starters and soups such as beef tartare, herrings, tripe soup, sorrel soup or broth. You can also try here three kinds of dumplings – Russian, with spinach and cheese and with meat and greaves. Main dishes include potato babka, stuffed vegetarian cabbage (gołąbki) with potatoes, buckweat and mushrooms, zander or chicken breast. The speciality of the retaurant is traditional Polish pork chop (called in Poland Schabowy) served in three ways – standard with bone, made from Złotnicka pork or Warmińska Mangalica.


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