World Dumpling Festival

Pałac Kultury i Nauki, plac Defilad 1 City Center


18 November, 2017
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The World Dumpling Festival

Foodie R 13 November 2017

Second edition of The World Dumpling Festival will take place on coming Saturday, 18th November in Palace of Culture. During the festival you will be able to taste dumplings from all over the world such as Polish pierogi, Georgian chinkali, Russian pielmieni, Italian ravioli, calzone, Nepal momo, Asian dim sum, dumplings from India, Vietnam and many more. There will be dumplings with different fillings – with meat, vegetarian or glutenfree. You can order cooked, roasted or fried dumplings in different sizes. Dumplings will be served among others by Georgian restaurant Mada, Excellent Cook – Pierogowa Kraina, Curry Hut, Dziki Trop, Himalaya Nepal, Pielmień, Po Nitce Food Truck, Smaki Mamuśki, ZaParowani Pierożki dim sum, Pho 206 and more. The festival will also feature gastronomic workshops for children and adults.