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ul. Słowackiego 15/19Żoliborz, Warszawa
Phone: 500 581 805


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Zbyszek Gawron – new chef at Ósma Kolonia

Joanna Mróz 21 February 2018

Ósma Kolonia – a vegetarian place in Żoliborz – has recently changed its chef. The cooperation with Kuba Chwistek was ended, and the new chef is Zbyszek Gawron. Gawron was a co-creator of the Bibenda restaurant, he also got to the audience last year with his seasonal place Zbig Eatz on the Wynurzenie barge. He served tex-mex cuisine there. From next week, Ósma Kolonia will launch a new menu entirely by Zbyszek Gawron.

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