Gościnność – book about hospitality in restaurants

Joanna Mróz 29 March 2018

Goscinnosc” (eng. “Hospitality”) debuted on Polish market two days ago. This is the first book in Poland fully focused on professional service in restaurants and direct connotation of the quality of this service and restaurant’s success. “Goscinnosc” is a systematic guide for restaurateurs and restaurant’s staff, but also for its customers. In the book, you will check what guests may require from restaurant’s service, you will also read many conversations with restaurateurs (including Daniel Pawełek, Adam Jarczyński, Bodan Gałązka), sommeliers (Gerrard Basset, Piotr Kamecki) and even an interview with a former inspector of the Michelin guide. The authors are Patrycja Siwiec – a culinary journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of Food Service Magazine and Adam Pawłowski – the first Polish Master Sommelier, head of sommeliers Ed Red.

WHERE TO BUY: www.goscinnosc.pl

PRICE: 59zł paper edition / 39zł e-book





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