Eden Bistro

ul. Jakubowska 16/7Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 698 646 662


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Eden Bistro – new vegan heaven at Saska Kępa

Joanna Mróz 6 June 2018

Today, Eden Eden has opened – a new vegan place by the creators of the USTA Magazine (Monika Brzywczy and Krzysztof Kozanowski), where Michał Gniłka is chef. Eden Bistro is located in the Modernist Functional House at Saska Kępa (place after closed Kuchnia Funkcjonalna). You can make plant shopping at the local greenhouse in the garden. Eden wants to be a place for a good coffee from Czarna Fala – a classically and alternative brewed and good natural wine from Naturaliści. For breakfast, you will have here a coconut porridge with caramelized banana, salty caramel and pecans or homemade muesli / granola on vegetable milk. The main menu includes toast with mushroom pate, grilled corn ceviche, laksa with sea-buckthorn, tacos with grilled oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms a’la scallops on a fresh corn polenta. And for dessert, you can eat chocolate crème brulee or vanilla ice cream with red pepper, salted caramel and passionfruit. Everything is served in ceramics by young Polish ceramists, also available to buy here.

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