Pl. Konesera 1Praga Północ, Warszawa
Phone: 22 355 30 02

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WuWu – vodka bar at Polish Vodka Museum

Joanna Mróz 22 June 2018

WuWu is a new bar opened at the Museum of Polish Vodka in Koneser Center Praga, right next to the recently opened ZONI Restaurant, where Aleksander Baron is chef. The head chef at WuWu is Adrianna Marczewska, known from the TopChef TV Show and the earlier La Bla Bla restaurant. The place is open from Monday to Sunday non-stop. It has a wide bar offer, some evenings are featured by DJ, and football games are watched here. In the morning (7-11) you will have a breakfast here (Frakforter from Nowicki with mustard, eggs Vienna-style). You can eat snacks 24 hours a day (potato from a bonfire, veal kidneys on onion roll, pork jelly). The menu also includes soups (mushroom and beef broth, fish soup), main dishes (Złotnicka pork chop with a bone, dumplings with veal, black pudding with unroasted buckwheat) and desserts (Pavlova meringue, Warsaw cake).

Zdjęcie: WuWu Fanpage

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